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 all about your BB's

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PostSubject: all about your BB's   all about your BB's EmptyThu Apr 09, 2009 4:15 am

all about your BB's Bbupacchc9
As expected from the results of the physical consistency tests, the Marushin MaxiBB easily out-performed the other candidates, with the Airsoft Elite white BBs a close 2nd. Suprisingly, the AE black BBs did not perform any better than average, despite excellent physical consistency results. Although Tsunami managed a 9.7cm grouping, one of the 20 BBs fired at the target did not hit the target, and could not be factored into the grouping measurement.

all about your BB's Bbupdcqg6
The diameter consistency chart again shows Tsunami finishing last, with the Marushin MaxiBB taking the lead by a large margin. G&G Armament and Straight also exhibit excellent numbers while the Airsoft Elite Black, Cybergun Fusion, and Marui Tracer represent the middle. The surprising result here is the Tokyo Marui BB finishing 2nd to last, despite its widespread popularity.

all about your BB's Bbupmvhx4
The muzzle velocity consistency chart shows the 2 Airsoft Elite BBs finishing in the top along with the Marushin MaxiBB. The most surprising result here is Excel finishing 2nd to last.

all about your BB's Bbuprclj0
The roundness consistency chart again shows the Maushin MaxiBB finishing ahead of all the candidates by an appreciable margin, with Cybergun finishing a surprising 2nd. The Viper BBs show their weakness here, finishing last.

all about your BB's Bbupwcxy2
The weight consistency chart shows the Airsoft Elite Black as the leader, with the Marui Tracer and Straight a close second. The excellent Marushin MaxiBB stays in the middle of the pack while the Tsunami BBs finish dead last. Suprisingly, the Viper BBs manages to turn in very respectable consistency, matching that of the MaxiBB.

You be the judge....not to discredit ICS but alot of generic BB have fooled the market with ICS markings on it. Many AEG with 6.03 tightbarrel failed because of this....I personally tried 30 bb's randomly picked them and rolled them in a 6.03 TB at a 45 degree angle...surprisingly! 6 bb's got stucked......


With hundreds being spent on improving AEG performance, sometimes it is the cheapest components that are overlooked. Airsoft BBs certainly fall within this category, as they are typically an afterthought; an "oh yeah, I should get some of those." While most brands of BBs are quite affordable, the test results in this Mega-Review clearly show a wide range in characteristics. There will no doubt be many that argue that it really doesn't matter which BBs you buy, since the differences are so literally small, but for those that value every bit of performance they can obtain, the right BBs can make a world of difference.

hope you got somthin out of it!!!!!!ayuyahhhhhh!
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all about your BB's
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