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 reference guide for AEG internals

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mr suave
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reference guide for AEG internals Empty
PostSubject: reference guide for AEG internals   reference guide for AEG internals EmptyWed Mar 18, 2009 1:08 am

nosebleeder nga lng!kapishngyaw.............. Twisted Evil

For reference:
(Approx. Settled Spring FPS on .20gBB)
Stock Gun (brand new gun) = 270-290 FPS
BB goes wild = BB too light -- BB range seems near = BB too heavy

CQB Gun: M100 / SP100 / PDI150% = 330-350 FPS << CQB Standard
Standard Field Gun: M110 / SP110 / PDI-150/170% = 350-370 FPS [.20gBB stable] << STOCK FOR JG/ECHO-1
Upgraded Field Gun: M120 / SP120 / PDI-190% = 380-410 FPS [.20gBB stable] << COMMON UPGRADE
PDI210% = 400-430 FPS
Std High Field Gun 1: M130 / SP130 = 440-460 FPS [.20gBBmin .23gBB stable]
Std High Field Gun 2: M140 / SP140 / PDI240% = 470-490 FPS [.23gBBmin .25gBB stable]
Sniper Field Gun 1: M150 / SP150 / PDI270% = 510-530FPS [.28gBB stable] << Sniper Standard
Sniper Field Gun 2: M160 / SP160 = 550-580FPS [.30g/.36gBB sweet-stable] << rat buster
Sniper Field Gun 3: M170 / SP170 = 580-600+ FPS [.36g/.43gBB sweet-stable] << cat buster

For reference:
(Do NOT affect gun FPS, only ROF)
M130 / SP130 / PDI190%-PDI210% on STOCK Gears will last Approx. 5-10 months (depends on use)
Stock Gears - Low Cost, nice ROF. will not last long. (cast alloy)
Flat Gears - Noisier, Cheaper. More dur`able (steel)
Helical Gears - Silent. Expensive. Shimming sensitive (steel) <*Some Gear set won't fit on some reinforced Gearbox-CHECK first before you get one.
*No known machining on stock ver.3 GearBox to fit any gear set.
*AVOID using Bearing Bushings on M120 above. Only for soft springs

Torque, from highest to lowest-
>> Numbers indicate "car-gear-shift".

Fast Gears (6) - UP TO M100 / SP100 / PDI120%
Stock Gears (5) can 'safely' handle up to M130, SP130, PDI190% <<<< on 9.6v 1700mAh(min)
Torque Up Gears (4) - M130 / SP130 / PDI190%-210% or LOWER
Torque Up Gears OR Super Torque Up (4/3) - M140 / SP140 / PDI240%
Ultra Torque Up Gears (2) - M150 / SP150 / PDI270%
Ultra or Infinite Gears (2/1) - M160 / SP160 << Needs minor machining to fit on Ver.2 GearBox
Infinite Torque Up Gears (1) - M170 / SP170 << Needs minor machining to fit on Ver.2 GearBox

For reference:
(Does NOT affect Gun FPS, only ROF and Rounds of fire)
BEST BUY: 9.6v 1700mAh(small-type) 9.6v 2400mAh(large-type)

Voltage = Rate of Fire (ROF) mAh = BB-Rounds (Power/Stamina)

BIG INTERNAL Standard Battery Size [Ni-CAD]:
M4A1 - 9.6v 1700mAh (Fat-long AA) V-Type 12v 1700mAh(max)
M4A1 Patriot - 12v 1700mah (Fat-long AA) Circular config
G36C - 9.6v 1500mAh (Fat AA)
M733 - 9.6v 1500mAh (Fat AA) Chako-Type 12v 1700mAh(max)
AK 47/Spetz - 10.4 2400mAh (Sub-C) 12v(max)
M16A1/A2/VN/SR16 - 9.6v 2400mAh (Sub-C) 13.2v(max)
CAR15 - 8.4v 600mAh (Small) 1500mAh (max) (Fat AA) 2-separates
P90 - 9.6v 1700mAh (Fat-long AA) J-Type
G3A3,G3SG1,MP5A4,MP5SD5 - 9.6v 2400mAh (Sub-C) Straight
MP5SD6 - 9.6v 1500mAh (Fat AA) V-type
MP5A5 - 9.6v 1100mAh (Slim) Chako-Type << (?)
Steyr AUG - 9.6v 1700mAh (Fat-long AA) Box-Type
PSG-1 10.8v 1500mAh (Fat AA) 13.2v(max)
M16 Dummy/Ready MAG - 9pcs 10.8v 1700mAh (Fat-long AA)
AN/PEQ 2 Dummy Laser Box - 9.6v 1700mAh (w/laser) 12v 1700mAh(max)

Approx. Battery-to-Rounds Capacity: [NiCd] (on M120 Stock Gears, EG1000)
9.6v 600mAh = <500 rounds (Small) Sanyo KR600AE 9.5mOhm Internal Resistance
9.6v 1100mAh = 1,000 rounds (Slim) Sanyo KR1100AAU 19mOhm Internal Resistance
9.6v 1500mAh = 1,400 rounds (Fat AA) Sanyo KR1500AUL 16mOhm Internal Resistance
9.6v 1700mAh = 1,800 rounds (Fat-long AA) Sanyo KR1700AU 17mOhm Int. Resistance
9.6v 1900mAh = 2,400 rounds (Sub-C) Sanyo N-1900SCR 4mOhm Internal Resistance
9.6v 2000mAh = 2,600 rounds (Sub-C) Sanyo KR-CH 6.5mOhm Internal Resistance
9.6v 2400mAh = 3,100 rounds (Sub-C) Sanyo CP-2400SCR 4.5mOhm Internal Resistance
9.6v 3000mAh = 3,800 rounds (Sub-C) Sanyo HR-SCU [Ni-MH] 5.3mOhm Internal Resistance

Approx. CHARGING Time on 1000mAh Output Charger:
600mAh = 36mins(min) 42mins(std) 48mins(max)
1100mAh = 1hr 6mins(min) 1hr 19mins(std) 1hr 30mins(max)
1500mAh = 1hr 20mins(min) 1hr 48mins(std) 2hrs 7mins(max)
1700mAh = 1hr 42mins(min) 2hrs(standard) 2hrs 24mins(max)
1900mAh = 1hr 53mins(min) 2hrs 18mins(std) 2hrs 43mins(max)
2000mAh = 2hours(minimum) 2hrs 24mins(std) 2hrs 48mins(max)
2400mAh = 2hrs 23mins(min) 2hrs 54mins(std) 3hrs24mins(max)
3000mAh = 3hours(min) 3hrs 37mins(std) 4hrs 13mins(max)
*Charger should be 1 to 3 volts higher voltage than total battery voltage
Go over to http://digibattery.com for more battery-charging-time calculations
DISCHARGING: Number of batteries in a Pack = Max discharge volts.
(ex. 9.6v = 8cells in a pack = 8.0v is the maximum discharged voltage)

Depends on your spring and trigger abuse.

M140 Above = Aluminum Piston (for ratatat players)
. Choice1: ICS Aluminum Piston
. Choice2: Systema Aluminum Piston
*if compatible, get the half-tooth to lessen the weight
M140 Below = Polycarbonate Piston
. Choice1: Guarder Polycarb Piston (blue)
. Choice2: Tokyo Marui Stock Piston (white) <-- polycarbonate too
. Choice3: Systema Polycarb Piston (black) << brittle bad choice
AVOID the RED PISTON-Systema Polycarb (defective) there's a newer version
*haven't tried the TGS(blue) nor the TOP yet, but it looks promising *some use polycarbs on m140 above but with trigger care

For reference:
(cylinderVolume-to-barrel-ratio) 2 is to 1 (standard)
*To avoid confusion, don't mix brand model names, just model equivalence
*TM M733 by stock is closed cylinder (Type 0) -over ratio

Marui Stock Cylinders:
1. Closed Cylinder = 27.1cc 450mm(min) 580mm(max) barrel length
2. XM Cylinder = "4/5 hole" = 364mm(min) 460mm(max) barrel length
3. M4 Cylinder = "3/4 hole" aka Type-2 17cc - 229mm(min) 430mm(max) barrel length
4. MP5K Cylinder = "mid hole" 9cc 110mm(min) 170mm(max) barrel length

Systema NB Standard and BoreUp Parts:
1. Type-0 Cylinder (closed) fits M16-A1,VN,A2,G3-A4,SG1,SIG550,AUG
2. Type-1 Cylinder (tip hole) for XM177, M4, AK47, AK47S, SIG551
3. Type-2 Cylinder (XM hole) for MP5-A4,A5,SD5,SD6, MC51,SIG552
4. Type-3 Cylinder (M4 "3/4" hole) for MP5 PDW
5. Type-4 Cylinder (MP5K mid hole) for MP5K
*BoreUp Closed 29.4cc = 500mm(min) 600mm(max) barrel length

KM Cylinder Parts:
*Intercept Cylinder 59 barrel length from 450mm to 590mm (Type 0)
*Intercept Cylinder 45 barrel length from 250mm to 450mm (Type 2)
*Intercept Cylinder 25 barrel length from 100mm to 250mm (Mid-hole)

RATIO Guide: Standard-Efficient Ratio is 1.5 is to 1
2-2.5 : 1 for springs up to M130 --- 2.5-3.0 : 1 for strong springs M140 -> UP

TM EG560 (famas)
TM EG700 (need more spec info)
TM EG1000 27,552rpm 1,407.00G.cm Torque
Systema "Genuine" 29,825rpm 1,6999.83G.cm Torque
Systema "Hi-Speed" 37,400rpm 1,915.99G.cm Torque
Systema "Hi-Torque" 32,302rpm 1,932.49G.cm Torque
Systema "Super Hi-Torque" 34,787rpm 1,998.47G.cm Torque
Eagle Force Hummer 1100 (high-speed)
Eagle Force Hummer 1300 (super-high-speed)

add some math to that to worsten your nose bleed!hehehe

cylinder size vs. barrel length

volume of a cylinder = radius * radius * Pi * Length

barrel_volume = (barrel_diameter / 2 ) ^ 2 * 3.141 * barrel_length

barrel_diameter = 6.01, 6.03, 6.04 MM.. To convert MM to Inches multiply by 0.0393700787 (or divide by 25.4)
barrel_length = Length in inches OR MM. To convert MM to Inches multiply by 0.0393700787 (or divide by 25.4)

cylinder_volume = (.9375 / 2) ^ 2 * 3.141 * 1.75

.9375 is the inside diameter of the cylinder in inches (23.8125 MM), mic yours for an accurate number.
1.75 is the stroke of the piston in inches (44.45 MM). The cylinder head thickness and head spacing can alter this number.

Volume_Ratio = barrel_volume / cylinder_volume

Divide barrel volume by the cylinder volume and it should give you the ratio of volume. This ratio can be interpreted in different ways. One way is see how efficient the stroke is by knowing how much power is lost with each shot. The second way is to speed up the operation by short-stroking the sector gear by removing one or two teeth. (More speed without loosing power.) The third can be done by increasing the spring size but shortening the spring it to compensate. (Example: putting in a cut down M170 into a MP5k.) The final way to install the correct type cylinder.

hope you got somethin out of it!!!!! thank's for viewin.............
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reference guide for AEG internals Empty
PostSubject: Re: reference guide for AEG internals   reference guide for AEG internals EmptyWed Mar 18, 2009 11:42 am

nice info sir! tnx!

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reference guide for AEG internals Empty
PostSubject: Re: reference guide for AEG internals   reference guide for AEG internals EmptyWed Mar 18, 2009 7:17 pm

GURU ko yan si Mr. Suave eversince nagsimula ako sa airsoft.. until now sharing inputs on airsoft! thanks Fafi! Wink Keep it up!

reference guide for AEG internals Zzzzt-1reference guide for AEG internals M4-1reference guide for AEG internals Zzzzt-1
reference guide for AEG internals PTBPBanner
reference guide for AEG internals Papadhie
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reference guide for AEG internals Empty
PostSubject: Re: reference guide for AEG internals   reference guide for AEG internals EmptyWed Mar 18, 2009 7:58 pm

tnx for the info sir...
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reference guide for AEG internals Empty
PostSubject: Re: reference guide for AEG internals   reference guide for AEG internals Empty

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reference guide for AEG internals
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