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 FORUM RULES-adpted from UAA-for you to read registered membr

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FORUM RULES-adpted from UAA-for you to read registered membr Empty
PostSubject: FORUM RULES-adpted from UAA-for you to read registered membr   FORUM RULES-adpted from UAA-for you to read registered membr EmptyMon Jul 28, 2008 8:47 am


online community. Like in any community, there are certain expectations
of what constitutes acceptable behavior among its members. BAGUIO AIRSOFT GROUP (BAG) forum follows the same principle. In
order to ensure that participants feel comfortable here, we've
established a few guidelines (yes, you can consider them rules). Please
abide by them when participating in our Forums; it makes the whole
experience more enjoyable for everyone.

Your Unique Name

In the interest of maintaining candid dialogue among our users, we
encourage you to register under your real name. If you choose
otherwise, keep your user name clean and make it no more than 25
characters. Failure to do so may result in a ban from the message

Posting A Message

We require that you post
topics with the "Subject" line that will capture the attention of the
other members. Not only will this help you receive the answers you
seek, this also promotes fidelity within the message board. Example's
of non-descriptive post are as follows:

"I need help"......
"A question"......
"Some Advice".....
"How do you feel"....
"What would you do"....

descriptive, use the "Subject" line to explain what your message is
about. The "Subject" line is in fact a short form version of the heart
of your message.

"I need help with a cheating spouse"...
"A question about my SO's past"...
"Some advice about my current wardrobe"...
"How do you feel about Philippine politics"...
"What would you do if your house burnt down"...

*Titles Like The Above* BE Specific.

no event should you post messages under someone else's name, or
register a name similar to a current member in order to post a message
as an impersonator. If United Airsoft Alliance (UAA) Community Board
management suspects that an account is being used by someone who is not
the authorized account holder or is intending on "shadowing" the user
name in question, we may temporarily disable that account. In all such
cases, we will contact the member as soon as possible.

is an easy process, but you must have a working e-mail address to
register and participate at BAGUIO AIRSOFT GROUP (BAG) forum. This is done to prevent spamming and to inform you if you have
overstepped the rules. While BAGUIO AIRSOFT GROUP (BAG) forum IT officers has access to this e-mail address, it will not be used
for any reason other than to notify users of changes on BAGUIO AIRSOFT GROUP (BAG) forum.


BAGUIO AIRSOFT GROUP (BAG) forum has a strict zero tolerance policy on
spam, such as competitive websites, porno websites, etc....What is
acceptable is useful websites that will enhance the use of the boards.
Your Moderators will determine if your link is useful or if it is spam.
If you seek to use BAGUIO AIRSOFT GROUP (BAG) forum to
promote a product, service or another website other than in BAGUIO AIRSOFT GROUP (BAG) forum Classified Ads section, your
user name will be banished from the message board.

Being Civilized

we believe trust is always given instead of earned, BAGUIO AIRSOFT GROUP (BAG) forum does not screen postings before they
appear on our forums. In order to ensure that BAGUIO AIRSOFT GROUP (BAG) forum remains a welcoming and civil space for our
members, please refrain from posting messages containing gratuitous
personal attacks against other AIRSOFT TEAMS. Such an expectation does not mean that clients cannot disagree in a spirited or even heated manner at times. Lively debate abounds in some forums, and constitutes the hallmark of a great message board.

Nevertheless, there is a significant difference between
disagreeing with an idea and attacking an individual. Such differences
include direct name calling, cursing the individual, and aggravating
the poster into an argurmentative stance by posting answers that will
incite further flaming of the individual. We ask all our members to
participate in a civil manner. We recognize that patrons have varied
interpretations of civility, and that the dynamic interaction of a
diverse community of users will present subjective and challenging
circumstances for BAGUIO AIRSOFT GROUP (BAG) forum management and moderators. Therefore, we ask for compliance with the
specific requests made by our forum moderators.

Deliberatedisruption of a thread will not be tolerated. Many posters come here seeking serious advice, and they are seeking informative answers. We reserve the right to hide or delete posts of an abusive and disruptive
nature and/or to revoke access to users who refuse to comply with the
requests of BAGUIO AIRSOFT GROUP (BAG) forum management
and moderators.

Moderators and Forums

BAGUIO AIRSOFT GROUP (BAG) forum is comprised of three main
categories, where unique and articulate online communities emerge from
conversations. Over time, the moderators and users of each forum evolve
and establish a particular flavor to reflect the characters of the
forum's participants. Some topics might be more of interest to you than
others, so you may find yourself more comfortable in some parts of the
forums than others. We encourage you, as a member in BAGUIO AIRSOFT GROUP (BAG) forum to take the time to explore the whole
"club," and interact in a number of different forums.

All forums at BAGUIO AIRSOFT GROUP (BAG) forum are supervised
by the equivalent of a club manager, otherwise known as a moderator.
These volunteer moderators may, in the interest of the community, hide
or delete a posted comment. Moderators also have the power to ban a
member, if there is a majority vote.

Moderators are not always
present online or aware of all the details of a particular conflict,
and they cannot be held responsible for the content of comments that
may appear in their forums. But they will do their best to ensure fair
resolution of any problems that may occur.

Moderators will see
to it that the rules are followed regarding this message board. They
will adhere by BAGUIO AIRSOFT GROUP (BAG) forum retrospect
in regards to this message board. Come on in, enjoy, and stay within
the guidelines.

Why Are Moderators Needed? [/u]

Most people have visited a message board at one time or another in their
life. The vast majority has never posted anything at all, preferring
just to view rather than contribute their ideas and thoughts. Most of
those that have contributed have posted useful input to discussions
which are valued by many of the subscribers to the board.

The need for moderators has come about because a small minority of people who post useless and irrelevant information have been lurking about. Moderators are those people who read most of the comments posted on aboard and ensure that they are suitable for the audience.

Responsibilities [/u]

Moderators assume the role of hosts and welcome new users to the board.
They are also responsible for setting the tone and style of their
respected forum(s).

2. A good moderator's major task is to
review postings to ensure that they are of the same subject matter as
the board. At the very least, off-topic threads should be discouraged
quickly or tactly moved to other, more appropriate arenas. Deleting
posts that are spam and posts that mention other competitive message
boards are also part of the requirements.

3. Prevent flaming.
Flames are critical or derogatory remarks. A flame war is kind of like
a shouting match where insults are hurled between people until they all
flee, exhausted and battered. Good moderators gently prod people into
posting responsibly by discouraging flaming.

4. As moderators
read through postings, it quickly becomes apparent when there is a
troublemaker amid the group. These troublemakers need to be handled -
either by gentle persuasion or more harsh measures if necessary. In
fact, the moderator must be ready to eject severe troublemakers from
the group if they are continually disruptive.

5. Moderators
must ensure that the board remains viable, active and alive. They must
promote and ensure that an environment exists where people can post
messages without threat or fear, and make sure that disagreements do
not flare into all-out attacks.

*courtesy - "Bandido" UAAPh
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FORUM RULES-adpted from UAA-for you to read registered membr
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